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Cultivating strong leadership skills and emotional intelligence is crucial for today's nonprofit leaders. Our coaching services are designed with the client in mind, helping you to achieve your goals, enhancing or developing the skills necessary to effectively lead your teams and volunteers, and helping you to increase your confidence by building on your strengths. Personalized coaching can help open doors to new opportunities, help you to inspire and motivate others, and drive success for your career and your organization. Coaching is a great investment, and 100% about you.

One on One Executive Coaching and Team Coaching

"Coaching is a customized journey" 

Gain clarity on your professional goals and create an actionable plan to achieve them with Profound Leadership, LLC

"Brenda guided me through a recent career change that coincided with changes in my personal life. Together, we laid out a path leading toward a more structured, deliberate, balanced and fulfilling life. She has changed my life for the better, and for that I am incredibly grateful."

Andrew, San Francisco, CA

"I started in a new role recently and was not sure how to effectively start as a new association executive director. That’s when I connected with Brenda for 1:1 coaching. Her experience working in the association management/nonprofit industry and vast knowledge were invaluable as I started in my new role. She lead great discussion challenging me to reach beyond myself and see my full potential. Her openness and support helped me effectively navigate and achieve my goals. It you are looking for help to achieve a goal, acquire a new skillset, or take on a new role, Brenda’s expertise and experience will create a long-lasting positive impact for you!

Bailey, association ceo, illinois

"Working with Brenda at Profound Leadership has been a very fulfilling experience for me. I have grown in greater self-awareness and self-confidence in my career path and current role. Brenda is an excellent coach who understands how to leverage her clients' strengths to meet their career goals. Finally, her continued interest in my success is one of the things I have most appreciated about my experience with her."

EMILY, COO, seattle, washington

"I was in a low-paying and overworked job when I began my job search. I soon found out the saturated market had me at odds with many incredible candidates and I knew I needed help if I wanted to stand out. This is where Brenda came in. She assisted with my resume, coached me on interviewing skills, held my hand through some dicey negotiations, and even helped me discover new career pathways. She was there for me during the highs and the lows, helping me rationalize rejections and never losing faith in my ability to get the job I wanted. It was a tough road but in the end I landed at my dream company. We all need help sometimes and I’m truly grateful for the care and attention Brenda gave to me on my road to success."


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Empowering nonprofit excellence 

At Profound Leadership, LLC, we are dedicated champions of nonprofit excellence. Our focus is on serving a wide spectrum of nonprofit organizations, including those that are cause-related, charitable, chambers of commerce, professional associations, and government agencies. Our core competence lies in assisting you in crafting a strategic framework that will drive your organization toward long-lasting positive impact within your communities and the causes you support.

Through our specialized board development and training, we guide you through the intricacies of nonprofit challenges and opportunities, ensuring that your organization will thrive in its mission.

Nonprofit Consulting Services

"Empowering nonprofits to create profound impact - it's not just our mission; it's our passion."

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