Team Coaching at Profound Leadership, LLC will develop better communication strategies and increase your confidence

strategic and long-range planning

We work closely with nonprofit Boards and leaders to help them lead with purpose and intent. Empowering nonprofit leadership is essential to building effective and impactful organizations. Our goal is to equip Boards with the tools and strategies they need to set a clear strategic direction, make effective decisions, and create a positive impact on the professions, members, and communities they have been entrusted to serve.

  • Strategic and Long-Range Planning - Our services in strategic planning facilitation aim to guide your organization in developing a thorough and actionable roadmap for success. Throughout the entire process, encompassing assessments, facilitation, and final reporting, we shoulder the responsibilities of strategic planning, alleviating the burden on your end. We also offer assistance in crafting an implementation plan, ensuring a well-directed start towards achieving your objectives and creating an action plan.
  • We ensure you're not left with a stack of flipchart papers to transform into the strategic plan or report - we handle that for you! Our service includes providing tools that assist you in translating the written plan into a practical course of action.
Team Coaching at Profound Leadership, LLC will develop better communication strategies and increase your confidence

board development and training

  • Board Development & Training - Our core emphasis centers on fostering a deep comprehension of the board's role and responsibilities, including the critical role of the CEO/Executive Director, with a specific focus on governance. Acknowledging the indispensable contribution of an effective board to organizational success, we provide personalized board development and training services. Working closely with boards, we conduct assessments to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, emphasizing areas for enhancement. Our goal is to empower board members as skilled leaders and advocates for their organizations, cultivating enduring impact within their communities and for their constituents. 
  • No need to stress about turning board training insights into action; we assist with the heavy lifting. Think of us as your partner, providing the tools and resources to enact new processes, procedures, and ideas to make your job as a Board member or Executive Director/CEO easier.
Team Coaching at Profound Leadership, LLC will develop better communication strategies and increase your confidence

client organizations (some of them...)

  • The Knee Society 
  • Suicide Prevention Task Force of McHenry County
  • International Trauma Life Support
  • Emory Musculoskeletal Research Center
  • Chain O' Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Interfaith Mental Health Coalition
  • International Microphysiologal Systems Society
  • Main Stay Therapeutic Farm
  • Shining Abilities
  • CASA McHenry County

Build a Strong Partnership with President 

Strategic Sessions & Retreats

The practice of coaching, as a facilitation process, is an effective and efficient approach to develop your strategy and a process that respects the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of the organization’s leaders. Profound Leadership provides a structured process, create a safe and open environment for sharing ideas, surfacing new insights, and ensuring the session/retreat is productive and results oriented.

Strategic Sessions and Retreats are designed to meet your needs and your schedule. Book a complimentary 30 minute session with me to discuss your goals and expected outcomes.

“Brenda’s mastery in keeping the group on track and moving along in the right direction was key to the success of our 6-hour strategic retreat. Busy orthopaedic surgeons, who are often overachievers in their field, like to get right to it, without any preliminaries. They are, however, also prone to getting to deep into the weeds. Brenda’s command of the situation, her instant rapport with the group, and more importantly – her knowledge and expertise – kept us focused and efficient. We have had many retreats before, some moderated by some “big names” in non-profit management, and the one with Brenda was the best one!”

The Knee Society 

"One of Brenda's greatest strengths lies in her ability to facilitate collaboration and foster open communication among our team. Through engaging workshops and insightful discussions, she created a positive and inclusive environment that encouraged the free exchange of ideas. This collaborative spirit not only strengthened our team dynamics but also resulted in a strategic plan that reflects the collective wisdom of our Chamber."

"As we look forward to the future, we are filled with excitement and confidence, thanks to Brenda's guidance. The strategic plan she helped us develop is not just a document on paper; it is a roadmap that will lead our Chamber and its members toward new heights of success. Brenda's commitment to our organization's growth and her unwavering support have made her an invaluable partner in our journey."

chain o' lakes area chamber of commerce

Brenda knows how to work effectively with volunteer boards, members, staff, and all stakeholders to develop and implement a strategic plan that fits the needs of the organization. She is an outstanding communicator and an indispensable partner to any organization’s leadership.

Past President, Orthopaedic Research Society

We had the pleasure to work with Brenda at Profound Leadership, LLC on key aspects of our research strategic planning during the retreat she facilitated. What a difference her contribution made! Thank you for your help revealing our story and galvanizing our roadmap.



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