The Art of Effective Communication: Building Teams that Really Talk

"Are you struggling to connect with your team? This presentation will cover how we can recognize behavior patterns in ourselves and others. We will talk about the various communication styles.
In this presentation, you will learn:
● How to identify your communication style 
● Key strategies to communicate with your team dependent upon their style

Paula R Jenkins is the dynamic Founder &CEO of LFS Consulting LLC, specializing in
Paula R Jenkins is the dynamic Founder and CEO of LFS Consulting LLC, specializing in
Leadership and Financial Success. An extreme extrovert, certified coach, DISC consultant, and
Licensed DEI Trainer, Paula is passionate about fostering authentic leadership and empowering
individuals with essential skills.

Praised for her unique blend of understanding, compassion, and challenging insights, Paula
leaves a lasting impact. Her mission is clear: to change the world one converation at a time
by improving leadership dynamics, achieving financial success, and nurturing inclusive cultures.
ging two donnect, she aims to inspire and lead a global conversation on empowerment and success.